About Us

GATHERING HUMANITY INC is a grassroots, non-profit organization that provides essential goods to those experiencing resettlement and to those in our community in need.

We are a non-denominational, non-political, community driven group run completely by volunteers and donations.

Founded in 2016 by three women passionate about serving those in need, Gathering Humanity started working with agencies that resettle refugees in the Phoenix area. Since 2016, our breadth of assistance has grown. The founders, Christina, Nicole, and Sarah, along with a team of volunteers now work with various agencies, organizations and faith based organizations to identify community needs that our efforts can meet.

Ways to Help
Who We Help | Gathering Humanity
Photo Credit: Yasmin Tajik

Who We Help

Gathering Humanity coordinates donations and volunteers to help others in need in our community, including refugees who are being resettled in the Phoenix Valley, immigrants seeking asylum, youth aging out of foster care, women leaving domestic violence shelters and others experiencing homelessness.

Why We Help | Gathering Humanity
Photo Credit: Yasmin Tajik

Why We Help

Gathering Humanity aims to gather volunteers and donors from a variety of backgrounds, ages and religious beliefs to work together with a common goal of elevating the lives of those starting over. The founders of Gathering Humanity have created an infrastructure with systems that allow people from the community to give when and what they can to those who are some of the most vulnerable in our area. The refugees, asylum seekers and others have immediate, tangible needs that Gathering Humanity, with its network of volunteers and donations, can meet. Whether it’s a bottle of shampoo or three hours on a Thursday morning, each donation and hour of service adds up to create a tremendous measurable impact in our community.

How We Help | Gathering Humanity
Photo Credit: Yasmin Tajik

How We Help

Gathering Humanity began with a mission to alleviate the burden that refugees and the agencies that resettle them face in starting a new life. Gathering Humanity now sets up apartments and provides household items for almost every refugee that is resettled in the Phoenix area. This includes everything a home needs including furniture, bedding, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, bathroom and hygiene items, household tools, toys, artwork/decor, school backpacks filled with supplies and more. The items are all donated, organized and housed in our warehouse. Gathering Humanity uses some of these items to furnish homes for others resettling including teens aging out of foster care and women leaving domestic violence shelters and homelessness. We believe that creating a warm welcoming space will let those arriving from traumatic situations know there is a community who cares. In the last year, Gathering Humanity has expanded its outreach by providing goods for asylum seekers detained and legally released in Phoenix.

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